Florida Coworking Passport FAQ

What is the Florida CoWorking Passport?
The Florida Coworking Passport is a reciprocal rights arrangement between the best coworking and innovation hubs in Florida. Members of a Florida Coworking Passport space may request the ability to work at a fellow Florida Coworking Passport space one day per month. The Florida Coworking Passport is managed by the cooperation of participating passport spaces and their members.

How do I use another passport space?
To access another space, visit the Florida Coworking Passport website at www.FloridaCoworkingPassport.com. Use the embedded registration form to select your home coworking location and the location you wish to cowork at for the day. Include your information and submit. Your home coworking location and the remote coworking location will be notified via email and you will receive a copy of your request.

How often may I use my Florida Coworking Passport privileges?
The passport program allows for one free day each month at a participating space.

What if I am going to another city for more than a day?
Florida Coworking Passport only allows for one free day per month. Any additional use is left to the discretion of the Florida Coworking Passport space involved.

Why are the coworking sites doing this?
The coworking network of Florida recognizes the value of connecting entrepreneurs in order to cultivate innovation and collaboration, and support small businesses. We believe this connectivity is essential for the future of Florida’s entrepreneurs.

How much does it cost me to use a Florida Coworking Passport space?
There are no cost associated with the Florida Coworking Passport.

Where do I get more info?
More more information, please contact christa@coworktampa.com. To join the Florida Coworking Passport program, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

How long with the Florida Coworking Passport be in place?
The Florida Coworking Passport will continue as long as it is effective for entrepreneurs and the participating coworking spaces. The Florida Coworking Passport coworking arrangements rely on the cooperation of the participating passport spaces and the respectful use of individual members choosing to use remote work arrangements. It is assumed that all passport members operate with the highest degree of consideration for coworking spaces you visit.

What coworking passport spaces are participating so far?

The following coworking spaces (and cities) are participating in the Florida Coworking Passport:

  • CoWorkTampa (Tampa)
  • CoLab Orlando (Orlando)
  • HuB Sarasota (Sarasota)
  • KeyWorking (Miami)
  • RightSpace2meet (Coral Gables)
  • TrepHub (Melbourne)
  • CoWork Jax (Jacksonville)
  • Office 55 Delray (Delray Beach)
  • Catapult Lakeland Inc. (Lakeland)
  • Venture X (Naples)
  • Axis (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Catalyst (Orlando)
  • General Provision (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Mindwarehouse (Miami)
  • Domi Station (Tallahassee)
  • Starter Space (Gainesville)
  • COWORK by Office Divvy (Palm Coast)
  • ScribbleSpace (Orlando, Windermere)
  • Smart Start (Dade City)
  • Station 2 Innovation (Bradenton)
  • Canvs (Orlando)
  • My Office & More (Lakeland)
  • The Studio 1016 (West Palm Beach)
  • Hub 925 (Orlando)
  • WorkBase (Pensacola)
  • Cowork LWR (Bradenton)
  • Cendyn SPACES (Boca Raton)
  • The Flamingo House (Boca Raton)
  • LionShare Cowork (Jacksonville)
  • The Nest Coworking
  • Clear Labs Coworking

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